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Rails on Docker

Develop, Deploy and Run your Rails apps using Docker.

Rails on Docker is a full, step-by-step course on how to use Docker to improve the development, testing, deployment and maintenance of your Ruby on Rails apps.

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Keep Your Ruby on Rails App Healthy

Learn how to keep your Rails apps fast, secure and running in top condition.

The Ruby and Rails worlds move fast, so it can feel like no time at all before your app starts to feel left behind.

Slow pages, memory, new gems, a constant stream of security patches, changing third-party APIs, and growing demands on your server's resources all work tirelessly against your app.

“I really enjoyed the book. A lot of quick wins for me to implement and makes me realise I can do more with guard.”

– Ben (@r0_0tKat)

Keep Your Ruby on Rails App Healthy gives you practical advice and actionable lessons to enhance and protect your app right away, from quick–win optimisations and setting up thorough monitoring to reviewing your site's performance, and checking your code against security vulnerabilities current best practices.

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