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Mark Bowden Hypnotherapy

Written by Chris • 26 June 2017

Mark Bowden Hypnotherapy

Mark Bowden
Mark Bowden Ltd

When I began working with Chris he provided me with a clear and concise breakdown of my existing app with recommendations on how to improve it.

Over the months following this I have been extremely impressed by his approach. His programming skills are unquestionable and he is able to get everything completed above and beyond what is required.

What has impressed me more than anything is his strategic approach and understanding of UX, marketing and business in general. Whereas many contractors fulfil the request of the customer, Chris has always been able to provide knowledge and experience to be able to make recommendations on my requests. Why things might not work, improvements on my requests that will be even more impactive etc.

To have this kind of guidance is what sets Chris apart from others. On top of this he is regularly suggesting improvements that I haven't thought about. Following discussions, many of these improvements have been made and all have had a positive impact on my app, sales in general and my business.

Working with Chris has been a hugely positive experience and he and his work have become an integral part of my current and future business.

As you may have gathered not only would I highly recommend Chris and Plymouth Software, but I am also very grateful for what he has done for my business.