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Written by Chris • 4 March 2020

Plymouth Software were introduced to the Independent Schools Inspectorate (ISI) as they were looking to develop their existing Rails application, which serves the company purposes, and provides information to over 1000 independent schools across the UK.

Their custom analytics application for had been working for them, and as its use had grown, they were looking to enhance and expand its functionality.

With Rails 5 released, ISI were also aware that an action plan to upgrade the application was needed, in order to ensure that the reliability and security of the code was not impacted.

As well as migrating the infrastructure of the application to a fully managed platform, we put together a development roadmap detailing how we could improve key features of the application, remove legacy add-ons (ruby gems), and upgrade the code to the latest stable versions of both Ruby and Rails.

“Plymouth Software provides timely and efficient development and maintenance with the monthly service plan for our Rails-based web application.”

James Melia
Head of Information Services at ISI

Knowing their application would require on-going updates and improvements, ISI took advantage of our Rails Service Plans.

As well as working directly on their application, we have built a great working relationship, and provide technical and software consulting services related to other areas of their business.

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The Independent Schools Inspectorate inspects independent schools in England, on behalf of the Department for Education. ISI’s purpose is to enable children to be safe, well-educated, and to thrive. To this end, it undertakes objective, rigorous inspections of a wide range of different schools.

Its website,, has more information on the organisation and is where all ISI’s inspection reports are published. ISI also has a data portal for the purposes of informing schools and inspection.

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