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Plymouth Software Achieves Cyber Essentials Certification

Written by Chris • 14 December 2020

Apple notebook PC with lid partially closed and glowing screen Photo by @martinsanchez on Unsplash.

As part of our ongoing commitment to data protection and digital security, Plymouth Software are proud to have achieved the UK Cyber Essentials certification.

Cyber Essentials helps to ensure our business infrastructure and processes are protected against a wide range of the most common cyber attacks.

We were supported through the process by fellow PSP tenant BlueScreenIT who reviewed our IT setup and advised on any necessary updates to ensure our compliance with the scheme.

As a company, we have always focussed on strong security and data protection for our clients’ applications, and Cyber Essentials certification continues our commitment to this goal.

Our Code Reviews and Service Plans include security monitoring to help identify and, in the case of Service Plans, remove potential security and data protection issues.

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